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Monday, 1 May 2017

Report Says President Buhari is allegedly so sick he cannot eat or drink

                                President Buhari is allegedly so sick he cannot eat or drink
 - Sources inside Aso Rock say President Buhari's health deteriorated heavily in the last few weeks
 - They say the cabal is frustrating efforts by the President to travel abroad for treatment
 - The report says President Buhari's UK physicians say he needs to travel as quickly as possible for a long-term treatment 

     A report by Sahara Reporters on Sunday, April 30 has claimed that President Muhammadu Buhari is so sick that he cannot eat or drink with ease. The online news platform said in its report three different sources in the presidency confirmed this alleged sad state of the president’s health.
   They claimed that the President’s health had deteriorated seriously in the last few weeks. President Buhari is said to be reportedly unable to feed as his health reportedly worsens The President’s British doctors who had reportedly sent a medical team to the Villa to attend to him had advised that he should immediately return to the United Kingdom to begin a complex and long-term treatment to elongate his life. However, cabals in the Presidency had frustrated the president's trip on two different occasions including the one planned for April 15
   Sahara Reporters said it learned that advance teams were sent by the presidency to the UK twice to await the President’s arrival but nothing happened. It quoted a source with knowledgeable of President Buhari's condition as alleging that there was a massive coverup by the President’s close associates to confuse the Nigerian public. The source said: "They feel that if he [President Buhari] travels abroad, they will lose the power and influence they wield when he is town." It was earlier reported that the minister of information and culture Lai Mohammed hinted at how sick the president is when he said he chosen to work from home. Although he denied saying it was a continous development, his submission raised concerns among Nigerians.
  Lai said “never said that President Muhammadu Buhari is to work from home henceforth”. In a statement issued in Abuja on Wednesday, the minister said the reporting in a section of the media of his post- Federal Executive Council (FEC) briefing that the President is to work from home henceforth is erroneous. In the statement signed by his Special Adviser Segun Adeyemi, the minister said “the President only decided to work from home today, not that he has decided to work from home henceforth”. 

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