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Saturday, 3 June 2017

'We Have Never Seen A Nollywood Movie Like This', Audience and Reviewers Praise 'Slow Country'

The award winning movie, Slow Country has received impressive review and feedbacks from reviewers and audience since making its cinema debut last Friday, 19th May.

According to well-known writer, Toni Kan in his review ‘Nothing slow about Slow Country’ which was published in ThisDay Newspaper,

‘Slow Country is full of movie tropes and clich├ęs but they neither wear thin nor grate because Eric Aghimien has found a peculiar means of appropriating them and making them his… Eric Aghimien’s Slow Country is a love story told in blood.’
Another reviewer, Iyke Bede in his review ‘Eric Aghimien Breaks Mediocre Stereotypes inSlow Country', wrote ‘In 'Slow Country,' a romantic-action movie, producer Eric Aghimien breaks these mediocre stereotypes. In his movie he details the basics of what an action flick should look like, feel like and sound like.’

In another review published on BroadwayAfrica blog, the writer wrote ‘Eric Aghimien has done a fantastic job with this compelling action movie. Slow country is in a class of its own as regards action movie genre in Nollywood. It is not only the best action movie in Nollywood, it is also one action movie that can easily compete with any Hollywood movie of the genre.’

Movie viewers after watching the movie came out of the cinema hall with good testimonies about the movie. According to one of them, ‘I was blown away. Everything was real, the bullets and everything. Slow country has created the mark and anyone who wants to do an action movie in Nigeria must first see Slow Country and say we need to surpass this’ 

Slow Country stars amazing and talented actors like: Ivie Okujaiye-Egboh who played the role of Kome, Samasa Nzeribe who played Tuvi, the drug kingpin, Tope Tedela as Osas, and Majid Michel as Inspector Dave. Others are Richard Brutus as Brasko, Gina Castel as Ola, Adebayo Thomas as Peter, Victor Eriabie, Imoudu ‘DJ Moe’ Ayonete, and Shola Thompson-Adewale.

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